Monday, March 21, 2016

Lights, Camera, Auction!

Here is a sneak peek at some of the student contributions to our school auction. (Not all of the classes are shown). A very special thank you to LeeAnne Ciaramitaro for helping with kindergarten flower plates, and second grade self-portrait platters. A big thank you to Jane Harvey who bisque fired, and glaze fired all of the first grade hearts for the hanging heart mobiles. Thank you Lisa Groleau for helping to decoupage the fourth grade tables, and third grade mirrors. Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Greene (our wonderful music teacher and her talented husband)who built all of the fourth grade tables from wooden pallets. The students are all very excited to learn which lucky families will get to take home their lovely collaborative contributions.

Friday, February 5, 2016

A Day in the Life of the Art Room

It was a busy and challenging week in the art room, so I decided to highlight some of the high points of yesterday. The day started with a fifth grader sharing her progress on her one point perspective drawing. Her classmates are working at their own pace finishing up coil and slab constructions. Meanwhile, back at the Prospect Street campus, heart art and winter portraits are taking shape using tissue painting, printing, and oil resist methods.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Grade 1 and 4 Current work

In March fourth graders explored foreground, middle-ground and background using chalk and paint to describe a winter scene. This winter offered beautiful images to draw from. First graders started a three week study of birds with these bird/ birch tree collages. They have gone on to create bird sculptures and an illustrated bird field guide.

Kindergarten and Grade 2 Current Work

Here is a look at some of the kindergarten and grade two projects going on.
Kindergarten: Circus collage and pepper printing Grade 2: Mondrian, primary colors, and weaving with painted and metallic colors

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Let's Hear it for Mrs. Groleau!

I want to give a very public, loud shout out to Lisa Groleau for doing an incredible job as my long term art substitute while I was on maternity leave. Lisa inspired our students, she has boundless energy and she tackled some pretty tough areas of learning. One point perspective in grade 5 and complex sculpture techniques in clay and paper mache are just a couple. Our students were also introduced to several famous artists. Lisa Groleau, you did a great job! Here is just a few samples of the student works created with Mrs. Groleau! There is so much more great stuff that Lisa created with our students. I will try to post more in the weeks to follow!
It has been incredible seeing all my old friends at WP, and meeting some new ones! I feel energized to continue with all the great work that has been going on. I will try to post new projects every couple of weeks! Stay tuned!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

November Work- Soft Crafts- Patterns- and Symmetry

Ugly Dolls- Under Construction!- By 4th Grade

Grade 2- Turkey Collages

These Second Grade Turkeys demonstrate classroom work and discussion centered around collage, invention, and symmetry.  Students were asked to give their turkeys wing feathers, tail feathers, and head feathers, use a variety of color and show cutting that uses symmetry.

Introducing the UGLIES!  November has been about pattern, symmetry, and soft crafts.  This blog update is just a tiny sampling of some of the projects we have been working on.

Forth Grade has been creating ugly dolls.  Ugly dolls are a trademark toy that the children all seem to love.  I think because they are so ugly, they are deliciously adorable.  In order to accomplish this task students have all learned to thread a small sewing needle and do the pinning work all by themselves.  We discovered the hardest part has been in tying the knots.  The students who had some sewing experience have been wonderful helpers to me and their classmates.  Some of the Uglies are getting finished up just in time to snuggle with for the holidays, or to become holiday gifts, and each one is so unique.  What has been a wonderful joy to see is when the students complete their doll, they have started "playing" with them, or designing clothes for them.  A nice reminder of the innocence and magic of childhood.  A side note:  I learned that "back in the day"  sewing was part of the Boston Public Schools curriculum for 4th grade.  I am a believer that it is a great skill set to have.

Project Runway-
In October third graders each completed a skeleton drawing, with discussion about learning and understanding the skeleton is important for artists because it helps us understand the human form.  As a follow up lesson, students become designers and design their own look for a holiday party by sketching out the human form- with attention to proper proportion, and then use fabric samples to create their look.  I was not surprised to learn that we have some future fashion designers in the group!

Ohio Sawtooth Pattern- By Grade 1

Here is a selection of quilt squares created by first grade students in Mrs. Goodhue's class.  Students learned about the American craft of quilting as an art form, and how to use a pattern and a selection of fabric to create a work of art.   Some students worked hard to follow a pattern, others were very into looking at and feeling the different textures of the fabric.  Together, their work creates a wonderful impact.

In December we will focus on more soft crafts such as weaving, and circle weavings,  animals, animals in art, animals of the Arctic, and of course some festive ornament creations.  

Square 1 orders are due in on 12/17/12.  I'm looking for creative, constructive feedback from West Parish Families.  Do we like Square 1, or Art to Remember?   

It truly takes a village!

Lisa Groleau!  Thank you for all of your support for student achievement.  Your presence in the art room has been the reason students have been so successful!  

Sheri Lewis!  For helping with the take down of the Creature's of the Night Show!!  Thank you for your willingness to be the "display committee" !

Mrs. Francis for helping organize artwork for Square 1

The Grammas Family for a hearty donation of yarns and needles

The Giordano Family and Sandra Morgan Interiors for a wonderful selection of fabric samples for some of our soft crafts!

Gratefully, Mrs. Morgan